Hackers take over hotel's key card system

They will be reverting to traditional lock and key again soon


Hotels have largely got rid of the traditional lock and key when it comes to granting guests access to their rooms.

Electronic key card systems are far more popular now and seem to be easier to manage.

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But one hotel in Austria recently proved that this isn't necessarily true.

Management and the Seehotel Jagerwirt told The Local that hackers had managed to access and take over their keycard system.

They then demanded £12,800 in Bitcoin to release the doors - which at this point were locked, stopping guests leaving or entering.

They said: "The guests could no longer get into their hotel rooms and new key cards could not be programmed."

According to the managing director of the establishment, the next renovation of the hotel will include reverting back to a traditional lock and key security system for the guest's rooms.

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