British man threatened to 'do a 9/11' on Ryanair flight

Man in court over drunken behaviour on Birmingham-bound plane

British man threatened to 'do a 9/11' on Ryanair flight

A drunk British passenger that caused chaos on a Ryanair flight from Malaga to Birmingham has appeared in court.

Jason Clarke, 46, abused holidaymakers and crew, crawled around on the floor, and made references to 'doing a 9/11" and bringing the plane down.

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Birmingham Magistrates Court heard how Mr Clarke drank six pints before boarding the flight at 7.35pm on 13 January.

He was reportedly swearing at passengers, refused to be quiet, and threatened to "beat the s***" our of someone that challenged him. The court heard how he referred to female crew members and b****** and males as f******. He also reportedly threatened to urinate in his seat.

According to the Mirror, Shawn Williams, prosecuting, added: "He made comments about doing a 9/11, an obvious reference to the terrorist atrocity in the US, and also to bringing the plane down."

He was escorted off the plane and allegedly continued to be abusive to officers as he was taken into custody.

The Birmingham Mail reports that Mr Clarke admitted a charge of entering an aircraft while drunk, and apologised to those on board.

According to the Daily Mail, Sam Christopher, defending, said: 'It was extremely stupid of him. He cannot get away from the comments he made."

The case was sent to the Crown Court for sentencing on 27 February.

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