Mysterious hand-shaped cloud appears over Mexico

Some believe it is the "hand of God"

Hand cloud in Mexico

A strange cloud shaped like a hand appeared in the skies above Michoacán, in central Mexico, earlier this month.

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The bizarre cloud formation was spotted by a driver who filmed the incredible scene on his mobile phone.

After the footage was shared online, viewers took to social media to suggest it was "the hand of God" and a "sign from above".

But some blamed the cloud on UFOs and said it was a "sign of the arrival of evil to the land" and like "Independence Day 3".

Experts said it was caused by weather conditions and one told the Daily Star that it was a "vapour mark" from a lenticular cloud, which is around a kilometre in length.

In Sweden this week, an amazing UFO-shaped cloud left residents and skiers scratching their heads as it appeared over the ski resorts of Are and Duved.

Lenticular clouds form when the air is forced to rise as they hit a mountain or skyscraper. When the air cools, they create incredible shapes.

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