Dramatic moment truck crashes through a bus in New York

Surveillance footage shows the moments before the pick-up truck crashed into the Syracuse bus


The terrifying moment a pick-up truck crashed into a bus in the state of New York was captured on camera.

Surveillance footage shows the truck swerving off a road and crashing through the city bus in Syracuse on Thursday afternoon.

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The truck was partially lodges in the bus after crashing into it, the Syracuse Police Department said.

ABC News reports that the driver of the pick-up truck was getting off an exit ramp when he swerved into the left lane to avoid hitting stopped traffic. As he swerved, he went off the road and hit the bus which was at a traffic light.

CCTV footage shows the moments before the crash when several passengers were sat on the bus.

A woman is the first to see the truck and a man is thrown to the opposite side of the bus.

Kron4 reports that there were no serious injuries but a number of passengers were treated for minor injuries.

The bus driver and the pick-up driver's wife were taken to hospital.

An investigation into the crash has been launched.

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