Fox caught after chewing off man's ear in West Sussex village

Residents targeted by "aggressive" fox in Storrington

Red fox

A fox has been captured after it chewed off part of a man's ear in a two-day rampage in the village of Storrington in West Sussex.

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The "aggressive" animal terrorised residents, including a schoolgirl and Tesco delivery driver, and was named 'John Lewis' after launching attacks near Waitrose. Other shoppers and walkers were also targeted.

One 24-year-old man had his ear chewed by the fox as he slept on a park bench after he had been drinking.

The man's mother told the Daily Mail: "A couple of young lads heard my son screaming and saw the fox attacking him. They tried to get the fox off him and the fox went for them. The fox had eaten most of his ear."

He was taken to hospital after the attack but his mother added that the fox may have saved her son's life as he fell asleep in sub-zero temperatures.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the fox was caught after the police, the RSPCA and Storrington and Sullington Parish Council were called.

Volunteers located the animal after a two-night search and said the "disorientated" fox just "walked into the cage and curled up" after being cornered.

One of the women who helped catch it believes it might be suffering from toxoplasmosis.

"It couldn't hunt for itself," she said. "It wasn't chasing people to attack, it was just desperate for food."

The animal is to undergo health checks.

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