Young surfer shares wave with shark in Australia

Luckily Eden Hasson didn't spot the terrifying animal while he was on the water


Eden Hasson, a young surfer in Australia, unknowingly shared a wave with a shark, and only found out because his dad caught it on camera.

His father said: "He's taken off on a wave and just before he took off I thought I saw a dark shape, but I just kept taking the photos.

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"He finished on the beach, it was a beautiful wave and curiosity got me looking at the first shot, I couldn't see anything.

"The second shot I zoomed in and I realised what I had captured.

"I quickly pulled him in and called 'shark' to the other four boys out there."

Eden himself said: "I was shocked but I wasn't too scared because it was like it just happened and if I was on a wave and saw it, I probably would have freaked out and fell off."

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