Worshippers flock to 'face of Jesus' in Argentinian tree

People visit the area to pray and leave offerings


When people claim to see the face of Jesus Christ in everyday items, those items sometimes become holy and venerated.

Worshippers in Argentina came from far and wide to pray to Jesus when they heard that his face appeared in a local tree trunk in the town of General Las Heras.

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People now visit the clearing to pray and leave offerings. Some even touch the tree in the hope of receiving healing and blessings granted from God.

This phenomenon is actually quite common - the most famous example is the famed Shroud of Turin.

The image was discovered after a farmer cleared his land of trees, and when the work was finished, he saw an image of Christ in a stump that was still standing.

The legend spread like wildfire and now draws many people from the surrounding towns.

Local resident Dora Caminio explained how the neighbourhood has been transformed following the discovery.

"I see the emotions, the sick people, the disabled children who come... it is very moving.

"I do not know if the plant will do any good. I really don't know, but it will not harm them, and it's good to believe

Do you think this trunk looks like Jesus?

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