Baby left on train alone after mum steps off for cigarette

Train pulled off without mother after she stepped off for cigarette break


Baby left on train alone after mum steps off for cigarette

A seven-month-old baby was left alone on a train in France after his mother decided to grab a cigarette break at a stop.

The 18-year-old mum jumped off the TGV at Le Mans in western France on Monday. Her partner stepped off with her, but before the pair had a chance to get back on board, the train had pulled off with the baby on its own, reports The Local.

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Luckily, a fellow passenger noticed the baby on its own and alerted the conductor, who stopped the train and got off at the next stop with the infant, according to the Daily Mail.

He then called the police and waited with officers at the station.

The mother and her partner then caught another train to the stop, and were allowed to leave with the baby after officers had checked her identity.

Back in December, two parents told of their horror after a train they were on pulled out of the station with them on board and their little children stranded on the platform.

Nightmare became reality for Paul and Claire Leighton as they watched their daughter, five, and two sons, seven and 10, disappear into the distance as the train rolled on.

The doors had closed unexpectedly after Claire and Paul got on board the 9.31am train at a remote station in the New Forest.

Paul, 45, leapt off the train as soon as it stopped at Christchurch and dashed back in a taxi to the tiny rural station, where his tearful and frightened children were being looked after by a member of staff.