Driver blames 'wind' for pushing him over the speed limit

Motorist’s very original excuse for speeding shared online

Driver blames 'wind' for pushing him over the speed limit

Many a driver tries to get out of a speeding fine with an excuse, perhaps not knowing the limit or some kind of emergency.

But points must go to this driver (and, in fact, they did) for his original excuse for going over the limit: "The wind was pushing me". Yes, really.

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Incredulous police officers shared the written statement on Twitter after pulling the man over in Western Australia.

He was reportedly going 78mph in a 68mph zone through a town in the Outback, according to the Metro.

The Three Springs police posted the man's comment online with the caption: "And excuse of the day goes to..."

A for effort at least.

Back in March 2015, a British driver had another fantastic excuse for going 110mph down a road while on holiday in New Zealand.

He reportedly told police he was speeding because of his "dad's diarrhoea".

Peter Lee, 47, blamed his father's upset stomach when a policeman stopped him going almost double the 60mph limit on State Highway 6 near Hokitika.

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