'Hero' dog saves friend from river rapids in Argentina

Heroic dog pulls friend to safety from raging river rapids

Dog saves friend from river rapids in Argentina

A golden labrador showed how much he loves his friend when he rescued him from a fast-flowing river in Argentina.

Footage of the dogs, which we first spotted at the Telegraph and Daily Mail, was uploaded to YouTube shows the pair chasing a stick in Cordoba, Argentina.

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The black lab leaps onto a slippery rock to catch his prize but then falls into the rapids.

But, thankfully, the yellow lab is ready and waiting downstream and as the black lab gets swept past him, the yellow lab grabs the stick and pulls his friend out of the river and onto the rock.

Either he really loves his friend or he REALLY wanted that stick. Indeed, after rescuing his pooch pal, the golden lab continues to wrestle for the stick, and finally happily wanders off victorious.

The video was uploaded by Rafael Franciulli, who wrote: "The dogs showed here were not injured in any way. They always play in water and they this part of the river really well."

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