'Europe's highest swing' sits 100m above ground in Amsterdam

Would you go on this?


This has described as 'Europe's Highest Swing' in Amsterdam - and involves swinging over the edge of a particularly tall building.

The video, filmed last week, shows the impressive swing, which is situated on top of the new A'DAM Lookout in the city.

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"After a very fast lift ride you are strapped into the swing before being hoisted up a few more metres," the filmer wrote online.

"Then it begins to sway and you are swung out over the edge with nothing but air between you and the pavement 100m below."

The A'DAM LOOKOUT is described as "an observation deck with an unrivalled panoramic view of Amsterdam."

"You'll see the city's historical centre, it's pulsating port, the unique Dutch polder landscape and you'll spot the famous canals which belong to the UNESCO world heritage list."

Meanwhile those brave enough to take to the swing will soar "100 meters above the ground, back and forth over the edge of the tower with Amsterdam below their feet"

This is definitely not for the faint-hearted or for those with a fear of heights...

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