Moped rider falls under 20-tonne truck - and survives

Lucky escape on road in Thailand captured on camera

Moped rider crashes into 20-tonne truck - and survives

The terrifying moment a moped rider fell underneath a large lorry was caught on camera by a fellow motorist.

Dashcam footage captured the moment a female rider disappeared underneath a turning lorry on a road in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

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The woman was riding her 100cc scooter on a narrow two-lane road when the lorry carrying rocks suddenly turns left across her path without seeing him.

She slams on the breaks but starts to wobble before falling off and rolling under the construction truck's enormous wheels.

But luckily she skids through the gap in between the front and back wheels - coming within inches of being crushed before the vehicle stops.

Onlookers thought the woman might have met a sticky end, but she managed to emerge from the crash with a broken leg.

Vokeng Prateep, the driver behind the lorry, captured the incident on camera.

According to the Metro, she said: "I was talking to my boyfriend then all of a sudden this happened. I'm still startled and scared watching it.

"We stayed focused and went to help the woman. She was hurt but is safe. She broke her leg in the fall. She is lucky to still be alive."

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