Obama's flight to Palm Springs diverted due to rain

Barack took last flight on Air Force One plane for post-presidential holiday

The airplane fly over rain cloud

Barack Obama set off for his first post-presidential holiday on Friday but before arriving in Palm Springs, his flight was forced to circle over the airport and then diverted to Riverside County due to strong rain and winds.

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It was not just Obama who suffered a delay to his holiday, but a few dozen supporters were left disappointed as they waited along the streets near Palm Springs International Airport to catch a glimpse of the former president upon his arrival on a SAM 28000 (Special Air Mission) plane.

The LA Times reports that the flight was diverted to March Air Reserve Base, around 44 miles away.

Some fans stood in the rain with their umbrellas, while others stayed in their cars during the delay.

They soon drove off when they discovered Obama would reach Palm Springs by motorcade hours later.

According to the Daily Mail, Obama and his family are believed to be staying at the mansion of his Spanish ambassador James Costos and his husband, interior designer Michael Smith, near Palm Springs.

Rare selfie ..@theserranopost

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Costos and Smith were on the flight and took to Instagram to share snaps of the flight.

The flight on the aircraft, known as Air Force One, was the last time the Obamas flew on it.

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