Frisbee on frozen lake just keeps rolling

A new way to use a Frisbee?


An ice skater discovered a new way to use a Frisbee when he filmed the disc-shaped toy gliding across a frozen lake in American for almost a minute and a half.

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Shea Gunther shot the stunning footage of the Frisbee rolling across the frozen Great Pond in Scarborough, Maine – powered only by the wind.

Gunther filmed the Frisbee as it spun across the lake while ice skating on January 17.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: "I noticed how the wind would catch an errant throw, so I turned my camera on and threw it into the wind so it would skitter. And skitter it did."

The Frisbee easily navigated over ice chunks and continued to glide.

Gunther told GrindTV that it wasn't something he practised.

"I got lucky on my first go," he said.

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