Fancy living on a Tasmanian island for free for six months?

Fancy living on a Tasmanian island for free?
Fancy living on a Tasmanian island for free?

Fed up of the rat race? Bills piling up at the door? Well, an island in Tasmania is offering one lucky couple to escape to paradise for six months.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service is looking for couples to take care of Maatsuker Island for six months, either March to September or September to March, for the next two years.

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The island is located six miles off the south coast of Tasmania and is 460 acres in size.

According to the Metro, the chosen couples will get a four-bedroom light keeper's house with a veggie garden to grow their own food.

In return, you'd have to take care of the island, maintaining the buildings, grounds, and plants and carrying out daily weather observations and sea and swell conditions for the Bureau of Meteorology.

The downside? You're pretty remote (or is this a plus-side?), with helicopter evacuations only possible in an emergency. And it's described as "sometimes wet and often windswept". Hmmm.

You can only have 325kg per person on the flight out, there's no TV or internet access and only a fan heater for warmth, according to the Telegraph.

The island is, however, beautiful, and you'll be sharing space with penguins, fur seals, and seabirds.

The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service shared more information about the role and how to enter on its Facebook page.

Applications close on 30 January. What are you waiting for?