Skegness named one of world's worst holiday destinations

Damascus and North Korean capital Pyongyang were also included on the list

Skegness ranked one of worst holiday destinations in the world

A British seaside town has been ranked alongside the North Korean capital and Syrian war zone Damascus in a list of the world's worst destinations.

Skegness ranked one of worst holiday destinations in the world

Skegness in Lincolnshire, which has been welcoming daytrippers and holidaying families for generations, is described as a rip-off and 'a joke' by a travel website.

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In the roll call of shame it rubs shoulders with tubby North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un 's Pyongyang and war torn Damascus in Syria, reports the Grimsby Telegraph.

According to Destination Tips, the resort that boasts a pier, illuminations and a string of holiday parks, is worse than Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea - infamous for its high crime, machete-carrying locals and carjacking.

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The resort town's famous Jolly Fisherman statue is an iconic landmark in Skegness

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North Korean military vehicles carrying missiles during a parade in Pyongyang

Known for its amusement arcades, caravan sites and sandy beach, Skegness is also joined on the list by the likes of Ciudad Juaraz, in Mexico, Mogadishu in Somalia, and Port au Prince in Haiti – all places where either kidnap, imprisonment or murder are serious risks.

The website behind the controversial hall of shame suggests Skegvegas is stuck in the past.

It says: "Once thought of as quaint seaside town in northern England, Skegness is now a pile of dirt bordering the North Sea with a run-down amusement park idly resting on the land.

Credits: Reuters
Skegness has been ranked alongside North Korean capital Pyongyang as one of the worst places on the planet

"Brits frequent this disappointing town hoping to spend some time at the beach, but traveling to Skegness has become a joke.

"The town, which appears to be stuck in the past, offers very few attractions for tourists to enjoy and is overpriced.

"This is one of the worst travel destinations in the world not from a safety standpoint, but you will be let down if you visit."

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The war-torn streets of Damascus have been ranked alongside Skegness seafront in the list

The full list is as follows:

  1. Kiev, Ukraine
  2. Port au Prince, Haiti
  3. Damascus, Syria
  4. Mogadishu, Somalia
  5. Pyongyang, North Korea
  6. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
  7. Bogota, Colombia
  8. Dhaka, Bangladesh
  9. Skegness, Lincolnshire
  10. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
  11. Moscow, Russia

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