Tourists injured trying to break into Rome's Colosseum

One man will spend several weeks in hospital

Tourists injured trying to break into Rome's Colosseum

Two tourists have been left injured after attempting to break into Rome's Colosseum on Saturday night.

The Brazilian pair had scaled one of the entry gates after dark, a climb that is around four metres.

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Both the men fall from the gate and, while one only suffered bruising, the other broke is pelvis and is likely to spend a few weeks in hospital.

The Local reports that friends of the pair called an ambulance and police arrived on the scene at around 3am on Sunday morning.

The men, aged 30 and 32, will face charges for trespassing.

Fox News reports that back in August, two German scaled the 147ft iconic building and posted a video of their stunt online.

Back in April, a French tourist was arrested in Rome for flying a drone over the Colosseum and was left faced with a €113,000 fine.

The holidaymaker was charged with violating Italian aviation rules and the drone was confiscated after he flew it over the historic amphitheatre.

On Monday of this week, Colosseum staff found the word 'morte' (Italian for death) painted in black on a column near the entrance.

According to the Telegraph, officials are now considering creating a no-go zone around the building that would be monitored by CCTV.

Francesco Prosperetti, the special superintendent for the Colosseum and the Roman Forum told Italian newspaper La Repubblica, said: "We are considering the idea of creating a no access zone, a red zone.

"The area would be separated not by physical barriers but rather by chains defining the zone where video surveillance would be installed. The red zone would reproduce that of ancient Rome, with a radius of about 15 metres."

The monument, built in 80AD, is currently undergoing a lot of restoration work, and upgrades, including a new visitor centre.

It is the largest Roman amphitheatre in the world, and was once the scene of bloody gladiator battles.

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