Sea lion enjoys lunch on back of fishing boat

Pancho has become a local celebrity in Mexico's Baja Peninsula


This sea lion knows how to find food... fast.

Known to local anglers in Mexico's Baja Peninsula as Pancho, he hopped up onto a boat for a spot of lunch.

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No one seemed to mind the sea lion hanging out with the fisherman.

When he had had his fill he just flopped backwards into the water again!

This isn't the first time that Pancho has hit the headlines thanks to his attention grabbing stunts.

In 2013 a video posted on YouTube caught the sneaky sea lion stealing a fisherman's catch, right out of his hands.

The footage has since had well over five million views.

Meanwhile in March 2015 a couple on their honeymoon had a chance encounter with Pancho too.

The pair were enjoying a romantic meal on the back of a boat when Pancho popped up to join them.

They even managed to feed fish right into the animal's mouth as he patiently sat there and waited, the Mirror reports.