Spectacular tree house gives great views of the Northern Lights

Another one to add to your bucket list...


A treehouse isn't just a place for kids to play! It can also be a grown up hotel room with a view.

This TreeHotel is located in Sweden and offers visitors a view from the trues of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

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There are several 'room' options ,including one that is aptly named the UFO, and one that looks like a bird's nest.

Their newest offering is the 7th room, which comes with a net terrace for guests to enjoy the view like they are on a tree branch.

At 10 meters off the ground, you are really up in that tree with an actual bird's eye view.

However, the net patio is just one feature of this gorgeous space, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and expansive living area that will house up to 5 people for around $1340 dollars.

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Bucket list hotels to visit before you die