New moth species named after Donald Trump

Neopalpa Donald Trumpi caught on camera


An evolutionary biologist going through the moth collection of the University of California's Bohart Museum of entomology came across a number of moths that did not appear to belong to any known species.

Further study revealed that Dr Vazrick Nazari had indeed found a previously unknown variety of the flying creatures.

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During the examination of the moths it was noted that due to a concentration of large yellowish white scales atop its head, it bore a striking resemblance to Donald Trump, well more specifically, Donald Trump's hairdo.

That is, in part, what motivated him to name the species 'Neopalpa Donald Trumpi' in honour of the president elect.

Another factor in giving it the Trump name was hopefully to spare the species from the complete loss of its already threatened natural habitat by raising awareness of its existence and its plight.

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