British Antarctic research base to shut because of ice crack

Fears the base could float off on an iceberg

British Antarctic research base to shut because of ice crack

The British Antarctic Survey has announced it will withdraw staff from one of its research bases because of the danger posed by an ice crack.

All British Antarctic Survey staff will withdraw from the Halley VI base on the Brunt Ice Shelf in March for safety reasons, amid concerns the ice shelf could float off on an iceberg.

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The relocation plan was sparked after the discovery of an ice crack in October, some 11 miles north of the station, which gathers weather and climate data and studies solar activity and its impacts on Earth.

The scientists plan to shift the base further inland and away from the chasm using the base's hydraulic legs.

The researchers plan to return after the Antarctic winter is over, possibly in November, according to the BBC.

According to NDTV, the BAS said in a statement: "There is no immediate risk to the people currently at the station, or to the station itself.

"However, there is sufficient uncertainty about what could happen to the ice during the coming Antarctic winter for BAS to change its operational plans."

"It is prudent for safety reasons to shut down the station as a precautionary measure and remove its people before the Antarctic winter begins."

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