Cargo ship stranded in frozen River Danube

Ship trapped for days by ice in Romania


Food and water has been taken by helicopter to a ship trapped by ice on the frozen River Danube.

The ship has been stranded for several days and the crew had run out of supplies. The rescue mission was put together by Romania's Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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Plummeting temperatures have see an emergency situation declared along a stretch of the Danube near the Hungarian border.

According to the Standard, a Hungarian ice-breaker could arrive on the scene on Monday.

Arctic temperatures have been causing havoc across Europe. Northern Spain has been blanketed in thick snow, while violent storms have hit across France. A 43-year-old woman taking her children to school was killed by a falling cypress tree in the hills above Nice on Friday.

Just last week, a gruesome picture of a fox that had become frozen in a block of ice highlighted the dangers of the freezing temperatures sweeping across Europe, reported the Daily Mail.

The animal is thought to have fallen through a layer of thin ice while crossing the Danube in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The poor creature drowned before becoming frozen in a giant ice cube.

Weather sayings: True or false?

Weather sayings: True or false?