Chinese restaurant 'serves human feet' to diners in Italy

Gruesome picture shared online raises questions (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE)


Chinese restaurant 'serves human feet' to diners in Italy

A Chinese restaurant has allegedly been serving what looks like human feet to customers in Italy.

The accusations came after a waiter from the restaurant in Padua, northern Italy, posted a picture of a grim-looking decomposed pair of feet on a plate.

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The dish was reportedly described as 'bear paws', which itself would be completely distasteful.

After spotting the picture online, one customer reported the restaurant to the authorities.

According to the Metro, an inspection uncovered around 55lbs of meat of "questionable origin".

There were also out-of-date packets of frogs legs and crab meat.

The Daily Mail reports that police consulted a forensic pathologist about the picture, and he said they appeared to be human. An investigation into the image's origin is ongoing.

The paper adds that the restaurant current legal status was unclear.

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