Woman slaps staff member at Stansted Airport after missing flight

Angry woman lashes out after finding security gate closed


Woman slaps staff member at Stansted Airport after missing flight

A woman has been filmed slapping a member of staff at Stansted Airport after being told her gate was closed and she couldn't board her Ryanair flight.

The incident happened on Monday morning and was caught on camera by a fellow passenger.

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The man shared the video on Twitter and wrote: "Late passenger slaps a member of staff @STN_Airport because she was late & gate 43 closed."

The member of staff that was assaulted works for Swissport, which handles Ryanair.

Speaking to the Telegraph, a Swissport spokesman said: "The passenger had too many hand luggage bags, refused to pay or repack, and was advised the gate needed to close so aircraft could take off as it was already a bit late.

"Her flight was to Athens, when the gate closed that was her reaction."

The woman was reportedly cautioned by the police, was refused to fly, and was removed from the airport.

According to Essex Live, a spokesperson for Stansted Airport said: "Any act of aggressive, violent or disruptive behaviour towards any member of airport staff is completely unacceptable and such incidents will always be reported to the police to take the appropriate action."

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