Giraffe steals ice cream on drive-through safari

Greedy giraffe eats ice cream cone from tourist’s hand

Giraffe steals ice cream on drive-through safari

The moment a giraffe stole an ice cream cone from a woman's hand during a drive-though safari has been caught on camera.

Torsten Stroebl and his family were on a trip to the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen when a hungry giraffe spotted the family's ice creams, reports

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The car window had been left open so the family could interact with some zebras, and the giraffe spotted the opportunity to put his head in for some free food.

His long black tongue can be seen trying to lick the ice cream as Torsten's wife Melanie descends into fits of giggles.

She continues trying to eat her treat but in the end gives in and lets the giraffe eat the whole cone.

Curious, or should we say hungry, giraffes have been known to pop their heads through car windows before in search of free fodder.

Back in May, some hungry giraffes said hello to tourists on a bus in Thailand as they went through the Rescue Safari Zoo.

A giraffe's neck can reach lengths of six ft and can weigh as much as 600lb.

According to National Geographic they are they world's tallest animals and they also have the ability to run as fast as 35 miles per hour.

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