Ten places where selfies are banned

Leave your selfie stick at home if you're planning on visiting these holiday hotspots

Tourists taking selfies

Taking a selfie in front of a landmark is now one of the most important things for tourists to do on holiday, with 25 per cent of holidaymakers admitting they travel somewhere just to take a photo to post it on social media, according to Vueling.

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Unfortunately for some, taking a photo on holiday doesn't always go to plan and many travellers find themselves in hot water, often needing to be rescued or appearing in court for breaking the law. Remember the young selfie-taker in Lisbon who inadvertently destroyed a 126-year-old statue? Or the girl who had to be rescued after attempting to take a selfie of the perfect sunset in Turkey and getting stuck between rocks when she slipped.

Now, some of the biggest attractions and destinations are taking extra measures to stop travellers from taking extreme selfies by banning them altogether. From beaches to zoos and even entire countries, there are many places where your selfie stick is not welcome.

We've rounded up ten of the world's tourist attractions, seaside spots and museums where selfies are banned. And if your next holiday location isn't in our list, Airport Parking and Hotels (APH) has compiled a guide to photography and selfie stick regulations at some of the world's most popular tourist attractions.

10 places where selfies are BANNED

10 places where selfies are BANNED