Woman miraculously survives being sandwiched between two cars

Pedestrian's lucky escape after being hit by a car in India


A woman in India was lucky to survive being hit by a car before being pinned under another.

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Kanta Anand was leaving her apartment complex when an oncoming car lost control and slammed into her, throwing her against another car, which then fell on top of her, pinning her underneath.

Amazingly, a crowd of people formed and lifted the car off of her, rushing her to a hospital and saving her life.

The driver of the car which hit her was a 17-year-old who attempted to leave the scene but was blocked by a mob of people.

Police are investigating what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Anand was lucky to only suffer a fractured hip.

In 2015, the incredible moment a group of passersby joined together to rescue a cyclist trapped underneath a car was caught on camera.

The woman was riding her bike when she was knocked over by a car in the city of Yuxi in China.

CCTV captured the moment the woman was hit by the car, which failed to see her as she was pulling onto a busy road.

The driver panicked and put her food down on the accelerator instead of the brake, meaning the woman endured a particularly painful-looking incident.

She got out of her car to try and help the woman, and as others saw her struggling, she was joined by a host of other people trying to help.

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