Aliens in Peru? Giant hand discovered near Cusco

UFO hunters believe aliens died in cave tunnel where hand was found

alien hand found in peru

Paranormal researchers claim they have found the giant hand of an alien in an ancient cave in Peru.

Brien Foerster, of Hidden Inca Tours, and his team obtained the hand from a group of friends who had been exploring caves and tunnels near the ancient city of Cusco.

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The friends claimed they also found an elongated humanoid skull and a small mummified alien close to where they found the giant hand.

They allowed Foerster to examine the specimens but refused to reveal where they were discovered.

Speaking to Inquisitr, Foerster said that the person who found the hand did not want to sell it, but was just curious to discover its nature.

After conducting X-ray analysis, Foerster says each of the three fingers had six bones, compared to human hands which have only three.

Unnamed physicians said the hand and skull were "biological objects" with "real animal bone and ski tissues," he claimed.

They allegedly concluded that the hand was not human or from any known animal on Earth.

Meanwhile, UFO hunter Scott C Waring of, said: "This alien hand seems impossible, but X-rays confirm that real bones are below the skin. Humans have three bones in each finger area, yet this has 6 bones, so we know it's not human.

"DNA results cannot tell us it's an alien since we have no aliens to compare it too. Instead DNA results will only say the DNA doesn't match any known species. Sure there is a skull, but it looks to be the size of an infant if it's the same species as the hand, however several different kinds of aliens may have been working together and died in the Cusco cave tunnel where it was found."

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