Hungry fox filmed standing on bird table scoffing nuts

Cunning fox spotted on five-foot-high bird feeder in Leicestershire garden


This is the moment a cheeky fox felt a bit peckish and leapt on top of a five-foot-high wooden bird feeder in search of food in a Leicestershire resident's garden.

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The crafty animal was filmed balancing on the narrow bird table on Friday morning while it scoffed nuts left out for the birds.

Stunned Philip Goodger, 23, captured the fox in the back garden of his home in Great Glen. The factory manager said: "We were coming down for breakfast at 8.30am and my sister shouted that there was something on the bird table."

Speaking to the BBC, he said: "We thought she'd just seen a pigeon or something.

"But lo and behold we saw a massive fox eating at its leisure. We stood there in amazement."

Phil added that he lives quite close to the countryside and gets a fair amount of wildlife visiting.

He told the Leicester Mercury: "This is the first time we have had a fox here and it was a real surprise to see him perched on the bird-table, bold as anything.

"He's welcome to come again any time he wants."

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