Rotterdam museum displays catfish which nearly killed a man

Dutchman swallowed the fish for a drinking game

dead catfish in Rotterdam museum

A catfish which left a man in intensive care after he attempted to swallow it in a drinking game is now part of the display at Rotterdam's Natural History Museum.

The dead fish became part of the exhibition for animals with interesting stories after it was surgically removed from the man.

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Holland's Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam said doctors were able to secure the 53mm catfish for the museum after the 28-year-old's stunt, which saw the Dutchman try to swallow the fish during a heavy drinking session.

On a night out with a group that had already ingested a number of goldfish, the friends turned to the more dangerous species when they ran out of goldfish.

The catfish's spines and fins got stuck in his throat and he attempted to vomit by guzzling more beer, lubricating his throat with honey and cooling it with ice cream, but these had no effect.

After seeking medical attention and having it surgically removed, the man agreed for the dead catfish to be displayed in the 'Dead animals with a story' exhibition on the condition of anonymity.

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