Thousands of toy eggs wash up on German beach

Mystery as multi-coloured capsules appear on island of Langeoog


Dozens of children have flocked to a beach on the German island of Langeoog after thousands of colourful toy eggs washed up on the sand.

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The official police account for Germany's Lower Saxony region tweeted about the mystery on Wednesday and shared photos of the eggs filled with toys which apparently washed up after a storm.

According to the BBC, the eggs contained little toys with Russian messages inside.

Police joked that Easter had come early and local children and adults were pictured collecting the eggs from the beach.

Speaking to Bild, one local resident said: "That was fun - especially for the kids."

According to The Local, a cargo ship from China to Bremen had lost some of its freight when Storm Axel hit the area.

A day after the toy eggs washed up, Lego appeared on the beach and left some locals frustrated.

Mayor Uwe Garrels said: "This isn't funny anymore - it's damaging for the environment and highly dangerous for animals."

But by Thursday afternoon, the beach had been cleared up and one Twitter user shared a photo, writing: "Many hands make light work and nature says thank you."

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