Crow flies off with passport at border control checkpoint

Tourist handed over the document when the bird made off with it


A crow was filmed stealing a tourist's passport and flying off with it at the border crossing between Russian and Estonia.

The bird was seen swooping in and making off with the document in the video filmed by a motorist at the border.

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After the crow took off with the passport, a Russian border guard did his best to recover it, but the bird escaped.

According to Yahoo, the Estonian tourist who was heading home from Russia was forced to visit the consulate in St Petersburg, a three-hour drive away.

Luckily, the video helped back their story.

The Daily Mail reports that the man's passport turned up a few days later after the crow dropped it on a street near the border.

After the video was uploaded online, viewers speculated on the motive of the crow.

One YouTuber wrote: "He is a secret American spy doing espionage."

Another said: "That's flat-out hilarious. What is he going to do apply for some kind of citizenship somewhere? ? Lol."

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