Sisters removed from flight miss seeing their dying father

Trisha Baker and Debbie Hartman were told they were a 'threat'


Two sisters missed seeing their dying dad after an Allegiant Airlines flight attendant kicked them off a flight to Asheville, North Carolina.

According to CBS, Trisha Baker was on the plane on the tarmac about to leave Orlando when she got a text saying her father had 'hours to live.'

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She got up to tell her sister Debbie Hartman who was sitting in a different row, but she was stopped by a flight attendant.

Hartman started having a panic attack and Baker confronted the flight attendant for being rude.

The flight attendant contacted the pilot, who turned the plane around.

The sisters were kicked off and say they were told they were a 'threat.' Their father died shortly after.

The incident prompted major backlash on social media with some users saying the flight attendant was 'abusive' and others calling for a boycott of the airline.

Allegiant released a statement saying: "At Allegiant we rely on our crew members to provide and oversee a safe environment for every passenger, on every flight.

"We expect that authority to be exercised both judiciously and consistently, with empathy and with good judgment.

"We take this customer feedback seriously and are in the process of conducting an investigation into what occurred."

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