Mysterious flashing UFO appears over British beach

The footage shows a shimmering light as well as a smaller white light

Full moon through clouds over the ocean

A Daily Mirror reader has shared an incredible video that appears to show a UFO mothership flashing signals to a smaller craft.

Two videos that capture about six minutes of the stunning appearance were passed to Mirror Online.

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The films, taken on Monday just before 9pm, show a shimmering and flashing larger light and, later, a much smaller white light float alongside it.

The larger light appears to flash different colours before the other object comes into view.

Reader James Ward, 22, shot the stunning clips as he sat in his car in Lake, on the Isle of Wight and was looking towards Shanklin beach.

Credits: James Ward

James Ward

He said: "I was sat in my car as my wife was watching soaps in the house and just saw these amazing lights in the sky.

"I was mesmerised by it, I was sat watching and just couldn't believe my eyes."

Mr Ward, a full time carer for wife Jessica, said he was even more stunned when he looked later at photographs he took of the UFOs.

He added: "Looking back at the pictures and zooming in it's incredible, there's a much larger object and a very small object that appeared just for a few seconds next to it."

Credits: James Ward

James Ward

Credits: James Ward

James Ward

He said he had checked local radar and flight data but nothing appeared to explain the appearance of the two UFOs.

UFOs have been spotted over the Isle of Wight in the past with another being seen over Ryde.

Last year, also in January, Chris Shaw told "I started looking up at the stars ahead of me and then all of a sudden it looked like a festival spotlight was above my house. The light was in and above the clouds.

"The light was so fast I saw it, then it was gone within a flash. It flew above my house towards Sandown.

"Was a round shape, black with a light rim, massive mothership size. It must of been doing Mac 10, 20, 50 or warp speed."

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