Earthquake near Yorkshire sparks #prayforscarborough hashtag

Twitter users saw the humorous side to 3.8-magnitude quake off Scarborough coast

Scarborough earthquake

An earthquake with a magnitude of 3.8 hit the Scarborough coast on Monday evening and rather than panic, Britons took to Twitter to joke about the quake.

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The British Geological Survey said the earthquake hit 93 miles east of the town at around 6.50pm.
While it was smaller than the earthquakes that strike other countries, the earthquake was one of the biggest to hit Britain in years.

Social media users, who saw the funny side, posted photos of overturned wheelie bins and broken garden gnomes.
The hashtag #prayforscarborough was created for people to post their hilarious images.

One user tweeted: "The RAF is now airlifting critical supply's of Sunny D and scratch cards in for those in desperate need (sic)".

Another wrote: "3.9 earthquake off the coast of Scarborough, hope everyone is alright!"

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