Car rolls off ferry into sea

Luckily no one was inside at the time


Party goers on their way to celebrate the New Year were in for a shock when travelling to Fraser Island in Australia at the weekend.

A 4×4 vehicle rolled from the back of a Manta Ray Fraser Island ferry barge off the Queensland coast on December 31.

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Chlöe Swift was a member of the group and captured the moment the vehicle rolled into the water and posted it on Facebook.

She wrote: "Really sad and scary start to our Fraser Island trip ūüėĘ all 4x4's were on the ferry and we were making our way to the island.

"One of the 4x4's at the back of the ferry completely rolled off and sank.

"Luckily nobody inside the car! But quite a few phones, debit cards, passports and valuables all gone."

According to local reports, the vehicle sank within minutes and emergency services were not called to the scene.

Chlöe added that the vehicle is now probably about 60m under water.

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