Baggage handler gets stuck in plane's cargo hold 

United Airlines employee locked in with the luggage for entire flight


Baggage handler gets stuck in plane's cargo hold

A baggage handler became locked in the cargo hold of a plane that flew from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Washington DC on Sunday.

The incident occurred on a United Airlines flight, and spokeswoman Erin Benson said officials were still trying to find out exactly how it happened, reports Reuters.

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Airport workers were certainly shocked when they opened the cargo hold to find the man inside after the hour-long flight.

Although the flight reached an altitude of 27,000ft, the man, named, Reginald Gaskin, 45,
was not injured and refused the offer of a check-up.

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Speaking to the Charlotte Observer, a United spokesperson added: "United Express flight 6060 operated by Mesa Airlines from Charlotte Douglas to Washington-Dulles (IAD) landed safely at IAD yesterday. Once at the gate, an employee of the airline's ground handling vendor was found unharmed in the aircraft's cargo hold. We are looking into what happened."

The Washington Post reached out to Mr Gaskin for a comment, but he reportedly declined, merely saying: "I thank God. He was with me."

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