Scorpion on London to Edinburgh train causes delays

Pet scorpion escapes from woman's bag


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A scorpion that managed to escape from a passenger's bag on a London to Edinburgh Virgin trains service caused confusion and delays.

The pet apparently escaped from an ice-cream container much to the horror of fellow passengers.

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One traveller, journalist Harry Horton, tweeted about the incident, writing: "There is a scorpion on board our train so we've had to evacuate the carriage. The police are getting on at the next station to assess."

The Guardian reports that there was an eight-minute delay at Peterborough while the affected carriage, containing around 20 people, was sealed and checked.

The woman was then told by police she would have to get off the train or hand the scorpion over.

Speaking to the Independent, a British Transport Police spokesman said: "We were called at 2.56pm to a Virgin train from King's Cross to Edinburgh and we met the train at Peterborough.

"A scorpion had escaped from a passenger's bag, but it had been recaptured quickly and put in an ice cream box.

"We have taken the scorpion to an exotic pet rescue in Peterborough."

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