Man finds 'mammoth penis' fossil in Leicestershire

Fossil hunter makes unusual find

Man finds 'mammoth penis' fossil in Leicestershire

A fossil hunter has found what some believe to be a mammoth penis in Leicestershire.

It was originally believed the fossil was found by amateur metal detector Robert Mee on a beach in Hunstanton, but he has corrected this information on the Norfolk Fossil Finds Facebook page.

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Mr Mee posted the images in a bid to find out what the object was. He wrote: "I only joined this fossil group because it was the one with the most members. I posted the pictures on behalf of a friend who found it in Leicestershire."

After posting the images in a bid to find out what it is, one user wrote: "It looks like a fossilised phallus."

One simply wrote: "Mammoth penis."

Mr Mee wrote: "Wow. I never expected it to be a fossilised c***."

Expert Richard Belsone wrote however: "Sorry to be a bringer of bad news, but I think that is a pseudo fossil, mud/ironstone concretion."

Another expert Jamie Jordan said: "After taking a close look at this one I believe it to be banded flint. Possibly a coral from the flint."

Martin Hunt, another fossil expert, said: "Agree with Jamie, banded chert but a great find, exactly the kind of thing that would have ended up in a Victorian museum."

Not a mammoth member then? A chert, or rock formation, possibly. What do you think it is? Leave a comment below.

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