British Airways flight in emergency landing after 'toxic fumes'

Flight attendants were reportedly left vomiting and 'spaced out'


British Airways flight in emergency landing after 'toxic fumes'

British Airways crew were left vomiting, unable to speak, "spaced out" and displaying bizarre behaviour after suspected toxic fumes leaked into the cabin.

Passengers were left panicked after flight attendants fell ill on the Airbus A380 from San Francisco to London on October 25.

Crew said they "lost" members who had said they were going to the toilet and ended up on another part of theplane , without any recollection of how they got there.

Others were seen stuffing their faces with food while wearing oxygen masks.

At least one staff member was spotted curled into a ball with a blanket over his head.

And one attendant was heard making a strange remark, but then couldn't remember what they had said.

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The odd incident was revealed in a leaked report seen by the Sunday Times .

Crew said they smelt toxic fumes similar to burnt plastic before they began suffering symptoms including dizziness, itchy eyes, aggression and confusion.

The flight was diverted to Vancouver, Canada, after the captain declared an emergency.

One of the crew on board, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Times: "I can't say how I would have acted in an emergency situation if I had to go through my drills."

The leaked report detailed how 12 crew had "concerning" symptoms and all of the flight crew, plus the three pilots, were taken to hospital.

One of the hospitalised said they vomited on return to the UK.

A passenger also told how she fell ill on the flight, complaining that she felt "tightness in her chest" and has been plagued with headaches ever since.

British Airways said the aircraft has undergone inspection and there was no fault with the plane.

It added: "We have shared our detailed and thorough investigation with the Civil Aviation Authority and fully comply with all safety regulations."

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