Tourist badly bitten while trying to take selfie with crocodile


A tourist in Thailand was bitten by a crocodile while trying to take a selfie with the predator at a national park.

French holidaymaker Benetulier Lesuffleur, 46, tripped over next to the croc and was bitten on the leg as she took the photo at the Khao Yai National Park, in central Thailand.

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She was visiting the tourist destination with her husband when she spotted the animal sunbathing.

National park chief Kanchit Srinoppawan told Matichon that the pair ignored warning signs and went off the trail.

Lesuffleur is now in hospital recovering from her injuries.

In November, a Danish backpacker was bitten after 'body-slamming' a crocodile while trying to take a photo of it in Western Australia.

The Guardian reported that Johnny Bonde, 27, was at Lake Kununurra when he spotted the freshwater crocodile and perched on a bank to take photos of it.

"Next thing I know I'm sliding down the bank and then I just toppled over and landed straight on top of the croc," Bonde said.

"He got a pretty good grip on me and shook me around a bit."

Bonde was bitten on the arm and treated for deep cuts at the district hospital.