Lynx surprises skiers in Colorado

Elusive animal spotted on ski slope at Purgatory Resort


A lynx stunned skiers and snowboarders on a ski slope at Purgatory Resort, Colorado when the majestic animal casually strolled across the run.

The rare sighting was filmed by a skier who uploaded the amazing video on YouTube.

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User airrickhix also shared the footage on Facebook and said he "was 1 meter from that thing!!! It was stalking."

Jim Russell, who was heading down the mountain, told The Denver Channel: "What looked like a feral cat started walking out in front of me.

"I went around it and came to a stop and started videoing and taking pictures of it."

A spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife told the Denver Post that while the lynx's casual behaviour around humans could be a concern, the animals are not easily intimidated.

Joe Lewandowski said: "Wild animals do what wild animals do. And we just do ask that people don't try to feed them or try to approach them. View them from a distance."

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