UK weather: Deadly blankets of black ice and frozen fog hit nation

Forecasters issue yellow 'Be Aware' warning

Winter weather Dec 29th 2016

Deadly blankets of black ice and thick frozen fog have covered the nation's roads this morning sparking forecasters to issue a yellow 'Be Aware' warning.

Sub-zero temperatures have caused chaos with the nation's infrastructure - leaving some fearful of driving on the roads.

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The warning comes just a day after one woman was killed with two other people left fighting for their lives after two crashes in thick fog on the A40 in Oxfordshire.

Two crashes took place on a 1000m stretch of road in heavy fog. Emergency services say the road was also covered in ice.

Health Warnings Issued As Freezing Fog Envelops The UK

Weather forecasters predict temperatures could hit freezing today as many regions all over the UK wake up to thick fog.

Met Office expert Mark Wilson said many places will have visibility at or below 100m.

Met Office Chief Forecaster added: "Whilst not all areas will have fog, where it does form the visibility could be less than 100 metres.

Health Warnings Issued As Freezing Fog Envelops The UK

"Combined with temperatures below freezing, there is also the risk of ice forming on some untreated surfaces particularly later in the night and early on Thursday morning.

"The fog patches are expected to slowly thin during Thursday, although some patches may persist throughout the day - most likely in a zone from the West Country to Eastern England.

"A fog warning covering swathes of east Wales, the Midlands and eastern England is now in place, as areas across central and southern England have dealt with patches of fog and plunging temperatures.

Winter weather Dec 29th 2016

The Met Office has issued a yellow 'be aware' warning for most of England and Wales that lasts up until 12pm today.

According to the forecasters: "Freezing fog patches will become more widespread and locally dense during Wednesday evening, overnight and through Thursday morning.

"Driving conditions will be difficult with journeys likely to take longer than usual whilst some delays to air travel are possible."

Health Warnings Issued As Freezing Fog Envelops The UK

As the day progresses, the fog will clear and a dry, clear day is expected for most of the UK - with rain in Scotland.

Once again there will be a cold night for England and Wales with a frost in places, particularly in the south-east.

Winter weather Dec 29th 2016

Tomorrow there will be heavy, persistent rain will developing across north-west Scotland, accompanied by a strong south-westerly wind. Lighter, patchier rain for south-west Scotland.

It will remain largely dry for most other areas but rather cloudy and misty with some patchy drizzle too.

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