Plane crash lands on Tenerife beach: Sunbathers run for cover

Light aircraft made emergency landing on Las Teresitas

Las Teresitas Beach - Tenerife

Sunbathers were forced to run for cover as a pilot crash landed his plane on a beach in Tenerife popular with British tourists.

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The light aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on Las Teresitas in the capital of Santa Cruz at just before 1pm today.

All three occupants - a man, woman and 14-year-old teenager - were injured in the crash but survived.

They are all believed to be of French/Belgian nationality - but one report says the pilot is British.

Firemen - who were alerted to the scene by swimmers - had to cut through the wreckage to rescue the man who is reported to be most seriously hurt with undisclosed abdominal injuries.

The woman and teenager were able to walk away from the crash site. The town's local mayor described it as "a miracle" that nobody had been seriously injured or killed in the horror crash.

He added that he did not know if it had been through the pilot's skill or simply by luck that had prevented further casualties, according to La Vanguardia.

The incident occurred after an alert was received at Tenerife Norte Airport that a light aircraft - which had just taken off heading to Morocco - had got into trouble with 'technical difficulties'.

Authorities were initially informed it was going to perform an emergency landing on the airport runway. The plane had just left the airport to head for Morocco when a technical problem was discovered.

Minutes later stunned swimmers reported that the plane had crashed on the beach. Emergency services were called out - and there were initial fears that no one had survived - but all three on board were rushed to hospital.

The Mayor of Santa Cruz, Jose Manuel Bermudes, said it was "a miracle" no one had been killed either on the beach or in the plane.

The three injured are being treated at La Candelaria Hospital. According to El Pais, firefighters are working to remove fuel which has leaked onto the beach which will not reopen until it is safe.