Storm Conor: Flybe plane struggles to land at Leeds Bradford Airport

Flight captured in scary landing during windy weather


A Flybe plane was filmed making a shaky approach to Leeds Bradford Airport this week after Storm Conor swept across the country.

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The storm hit the UK on Boxing Day, bringing very high winds.

In the video, the plane is seen battling the windy weather, swaying from side to side.

Wind speeds of 94mph were recorded in Scotland during the storm, while heavy snow showers struck the north of the country.

It came after a mild Christmas Day which saw temperatures reach 15.1C in Aberdeenshire.

Last year, dramatic footage showed the moment a plane struggled to land while battling strong winds at Leeds Bradford Airport.

The plane was seen being knocked sidewards as the pilot attempted to land at the West Yorkshire airport, which is considered to be one of the most difficult airports to land at.

The Flybe plane, which was arriving from Aberdeen, approached the runway at an angle as the pilot skilfully managed to keep it under control, before landing safely.

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