Tourist injured in London rickshaw hit and run

Man seriously injured in Covent Garden


Tourist injured in London rickshaw hit and run

A man suffered a broken cheek and a large gash on his head after he was involved in an alleged hit-and-run with a rickshaw driver in London.

Scott Carroll, 35, was enjoying a night out with his girlfriend in Covent Garden when he incident occurred.

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Mr Carroll, a builder from High Wycombe, told the Standard: "We had come to London for the day to visit the Christmas markets and we were walking back from this little Italian restaurant to Covent Garden Tube station when this rickshaw came out of nowhere.

"I was walking on the cobbles outside the Opera House and it clattered straight into my face. I was knocked out cold."

He said that the rickshaw driver made a break for it without stopping to see if he was ok.

The father-of-one woke up in hospital the next day and says the incident has "ruined" his Christmas.

A spokeswoman for the Met Office confirmed there had been an incident in which a member of public had "cracked his head open" after a rickshaw driver went illegally through the market square, which is private land.

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