Drilling rig crew rescue turtle stuck in swirling current

Heartwarming video shows men rescuing stranded turtle


A heartwarming video has emerged of a drilling rig crew helping out a turtle stuck in swirling current.

The kind-hearted crew were filmed carrying out the rescue in October.

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While the jackup drilling rig Galveston Key was being towed from Abu Dhabi to India, the crew spotted the turtle trapped in the swirling current behind the rig.

The crew then made a plan to rescue the turtle and release it at a safe distance.

They can be seen safely scooping it out of the water before carrying across the rig and placing it back in the water at a safer place.

The whole rescue was no mean feat, and took a number of men to carry out.

Back in August, a four-year-old boy rescued three cute baby turtles stuck in a storm drain.

Aiden was taking a stroll with his family in Florida when he spotted the baby sea turtles trapped inside a storm drain.

The child alerted his father, Hunter, who immediately contacted the Wildlife, Inc. Education & Rehabilitation Centre, where the family stayed with the tiny turtles until they knew they were settled.

And, back in February, two off duty police officers saved a leatherback turtle from being caught in a crab trap.

The turtle was tangled in a crab trap line and it wrapped around his whole body, his shell, fins, neck, everything.

The buoy was still attached so every time the turtle moved, the line would get tighter and tighter.

The officers worked tirelessly to free the beautiful animal, who was exhausted but happily swam away after its ordeal.

Beautiful pictures of turtles

Beautiful pictures of turtles

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