Is there a 'snowbomb' heading to UK for Christmas?

Will it be a White Christmas after all?


Is there a 'snowbomb' heading to UK for Christmas?

There have been reports that a 70mph 'snowbomb' is heading to Britain just in time for Christmas.

The Daily Star reports that a "three-day winter lockdown" could begin from Christmas Eve, with 70mph gales and several feet of snow.

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However, the Met Office forecast does not seem to suggest that a White Christmas is likely for most of us.

In London, it's currently predicting a reasonably mild but grey and drizzly day, with temperatures around 12C.

Other parts of Britain may experience more wintry scenes, with the threat of a storm on the horizon.

While there could be some snow on high ground, most of us are more likely to experience some strong gales and heavy rain over the Christmas period.

The Telegraph reports it could even be the second named storm of the season, potentially being called Storm Barbara.

There has been warnings of stormy conditions and unsettled weather moving in from Friday.

The Met Office forecast for Friday 23 December to Sunday 1 January reads: "Friday looks to start with a local frost and some patchy fog in the south, but it will readily turn unsettled from the west through the day. This will herald a changeable and at times very unsettled spell of weather as we move through the Christmas period and towards New Year.

"A succession of deep Atlantic depressions will bring bands of heavy rain east across all parts, although sheltered eastern and south-eastern areas should see some reasonable drier interludes too.

"Winds will often be strong, with periods of gales, and the potential for some stormy conditions at times in the northwest. We will see some incursions of milder weather in association with these depressions, but also colder interludes, with the risk some snow, especially across high ground in the north."

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