Three ways to fight jet lag

How to combat jet lag through your diet

Three ways to fight jet lag

For the frequent travellers, the symptoms of jet lag are all too familiar.

What is jet lag exactly? It refers to symptoms you can experience while adapting to different light-dark schedules following a flight to a new time zone.

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As a result of you body not being able to adjust immediately to a new time zone, you may experience lethargy and disturbed sleep.

The NHS explains: "The world is divided into 24 different time zones. Your body's natural 24-hour clocks control 24-hour circadian rhythms, which are disrupted after crossing time zones.

"Your body clocks influence your sleeping and waking pattern, as well as circadian rhythms in: appetite, digestion, bowel habits, urine production, body temperature, and blood pressure.

"Your body clocks are set to your local time by light and social interaction, so that you're prepared for becoming active in the morning and for going to sleep at night.

"If you travel across time zones, it can take a while for your body clocks to adjust to a new light-dark schedule and daily routine at your destination."

While you may not be able to stop jet lag when travelling across multiple time zones, you can lessen the effects with these simple food tips.

1) Stay hydrated
To stave off dehydration while you fly, drink plenty of water and grab a fruit cup at the airport; fruits like strawberries are 90 per cent water.

2) Boost your immune system
Grab some oatmeal or porridge at the airport as it contains beta glucan, a type of fibre that can enhance your immune system.

3) Eat a balanced diet
Munch on those airplane peanuts. Why? The natural travel snack is packed with fibre, protein and heart-healthy fats for fewer than 100 calories per half an ounce portion (one airline snack bag).

It could also help to adjust your sleep patterns a few days before you fly.

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