Pubs are banning drinkers from wearing Christmas jumpers

'Scrooge' landlords don't want Christmas lovers 'ruining' pubs for others

Smiling friends with christmas accessory

A pub landlord has banned Christmas jumpers from his pubs, with other managers following the rule to stop "rowdy drinkers" from making "life difficult for others".

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Alan Murphy, who runs three boozers in Hull, thinks the Scrooge-like dress code will deter those full of the festive spirit over-crowding his premises and causing queues at the bar.

Anyone wearing Christmas jumpers or fancy dress will be refused admission after 8pm to avoid ruining the "tranquil" atmosphere.

The rules apply to Alan's city centre pubs - The Lion and Key, Hawkes, and Walters.

"We don't want 15 lads all dressed in Christmas jumpers making a beeline for the bar and making life difficult for others," he said.

"There are much larger pubs which can hold 400 to 500 who are happy to allow large groups in."

A bar in Bradford has a similar rule, which stops customers from wearing Christmas jumpers in the evening.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Keith Wildman, who owns The Record Cafe, said that he didn't want "lads who go out to get smashed" in ruining the ambience.

"It is about preserving the atmosphere," he said. "They upset the staff, they upset the customers," he said. "The jumpers were mildly funny six years ago but now they are not."

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